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Journalism Mailing Lists
· CARR-L at listserv@ulkyvm.louisville.edu One of the most active and useful journalism lists. Based in the United States, but with a lot of international participation. By far the best and the busiest list for an Internet journalist to join.
· COPYEDITING-L. Send message subscribe copyediting-l firstname lastname to: listserv@listserv.indiana.edu
· FOI-L Freedom of information issues. American. Send an email to listserv@listserv.syr.edu
· Freelance-Journalists. For freelancers to share news and views. Send an email to majordomo@mlists.net
· IRE-L at listproc@lists.missouri.edu -- Discussions about investigative reporting. To join this list, send an e-mail message to the address highlighted above with ONLY the following message: subscribe listname your firstname your lastname .The IRE also has an excellent searchable archive, where you can check for any discussion of a topic of interest to you.
· IREPLUS-L. A better level of discussion for Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) members. Send message subscribe ireplus-l e-mailaddress to: majordomo@nicar.org
· JOURNET-L at listserv@american.edu Journalism education discussion. To join this list, send an e-mail message to the address highlighted above with ONLY the following message: subscribe listname your firstname your lastname
· MEDIA LIST at listserv@su.se Investigative journalism discussion. Put words: sub media in the body of your message
· NEWSLIB. News librarians and researchers discuss how and where to get information. To subscribe send message subscribe newslib firstname lastname to: listproc@listserv.oit.unc.edu
· NICAR-L. Run by the National Institute of Computer-Assisted Reporting at the University of Missouri. To subscribe send message subscribe nicar-l firstname lastname to: listproc@missouri.edu
· Online News. For editors and content providers. Run by Steve Outing. Check out the web page at www.planetarynews.com/online-news
· Online writing. Writing for the web, intranets, even email. Run by Amy Gahran. Check out the web page at www.planetarynews.com/online-writing
· RTVJ-L Radio and TV journalists. Run by University of Montana. Send an email to listproc@listserv.umt.edu
· SPJ Society of Professional Journalists. Send an email to listserv@psuvm.psu.edu
· SPJ Ethics Discussion of ethical issues. Send an email to majordomo@dworkin.wustl.edu
· Sports. Listserv@mailhost2.broadcast.com Send an email with the message: Subscribe sports. Find out more at Broadcast.com
· WIW-L. Washington Independent writers. Email to listserv@cmuvm.csv.cmich.edu
· Writer-L. A moderated list for those interested in literary journalism and discussion about interviewing and writing techniques. For subscription info, inquire at WriterL@telix.com. $17 U.S. a year and well worth it

Journalism Jobs
Looking for a media job or need to hire a freelancer. Many of these sites below allow you to post CVs or hunt for freelancers.
· Chronicle Jobs http://chronicle.com/jobs
· Editorial Freelance Association. http://www.the-efa.org /
· Fictionsearch.com The readers and writers search engine. fictionsearch.com is a community search engine and only lists sites that have a relevance or interest to the writing and reading community.
· FreeAgent. Home base for freelancers http://www.freeagent.com
· InsertTextHere http://www.inserttexthere.com/
· IRE Hot Jobs. Excellent listings http://www.ire.org/jobs
· Iwantmedia. Runs an extensive jobs listing.
· J-JOBS. A jobs mailing list posted through JOURNET, the journalism educators.
· Journalism Jobs. The name says it all (Print/TV/Magazines)
· JournalistUSA. Online directory of over 4000 US journalists, used by over 500 editors and publishers when posting job vacancies and hiring freelance staff.
· MediaBistro. http://www.mediabistro.com
· Mediajobz. http://www.mediajobz.com
· Monique Cuvelier's News Jobs. http://www.newsjobs.net
· OJR Job Board. From Online Journalism Review
· Shoptalk. Offers a newsletter for broadcast TV gossip ... and jobs. Plus a 1-800-600-3747 number for U.S. jobs http://www.tvspy.com
· Sportscasting Jobs.com. http://www.sportscastingjobs.com
· The Write Page. Links and tips for the fiction writer. Hey, maybe like most journalists, you're convinced you have a novel in you. http://www.writepage.com/index.html
· Veebox Profile. You phone and record updates to your CV. Plus add a picture, brief text overview and a downloadable, full resume as well as their voice. Also receive voice messages and listen to the messages over the Internet from anywhere. Free for journalists.
· Writers' Guidelines. Database Collection of authors' guidelines from paying publications, both virtual and paper paying publications.
· Writers Write. Professional resource for journalists and writers with job listings, writer's guidelines, chat, links, message boards, news, book reviews, author interviews and an online writing magazine. http://www.writerswrite.com
· 5 Minute Film School. Selling true stories to the television networks as movies of the week. There is no fee involved. http://pw1.netcom.com/%7Emurrayc/5.html